The aim of DR ABC (Develop, Routine, Active Belfast Centre) is to promote healthy living in Belfast and to address the monetary issue of the national health system. It seems that there is budgeting imbalance between sectors of the health system, as Belfast is currently spending a large amount of money on treating people who suffer from obesity, yet closing mental institutes and pushing the elderly to consult with private hospitals. The resolution of the centre is that prevention is better than cure.

The centre stands as an institute to educate the people of Belfast how to live healthy and lessen dependence on the national health system. The façade grants pedestrians visual access to the activities happening inside and allure them into using the centre. Every floor contains the five fundamental guides to a healthier life style – exercise (to lower the risk of some diseases), garden (to learn how to grow vegetables), social area (to socialise with people on the same purpose), cooking area (to practice healthy recipes) and consultation area (to receive correct medical guidance).

The amalgamation of all five programmes implies that the treatment on each area must be applied equally to the body to maintain a balanced well-being. DR ABC creates a friendly, yet motivating atmosphere for users. It allows exercise with decreased pressure that’s normally found in a gym and accommodates the activities found in a park under optimum temperature. In addition, the circulation within the building prepares the body and raises the heart rate for certain activities.

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