The troubles from 1968-1998 left a societal division in Belfast that is still apparent today. Although the violence has ceased and riots have stopped we see a community that is still feeling the effects of these conflicts. Lack of knowledge about nationalists Catholic and Unionist’s Protestants is addressed through the construction of a continuing monumental tower.

Right in the centre of Belfast, the role of this proposal is to be a monumental beacon drawing people to answers, giving that knowledge about the different parts of a divided community where all are welcome to discover Belfast through a program that accommodates shared values in a city whilst educating it about itself through conjunction. Intentionally looking like a scene of complexity in the form of a tower, with a program that derives the use of cantilevers attached to a steel structure, it has been developed by looking at the programs of churches but by transforming the uses to suit the more neutral without the need to be religious

The architectural procession route will take you on a journey where you can begin to better understand your neighbour with interaction prompted within constantly being added to. Exploring the unusual through a spiralling circulation it takes the visitor into cantilevered spaces: First a library and museum that will educate people of the troubles through monuments. Second education facilities for school organisations to hire promotes cooperation that exploits denominational differences to create sportsmanship; Further up an Auditorium used by council members to discuss the future allows views out over the city, allowing reflection on what Belfast has become and an opportunity for people of both sides to consider what they want it to be.


Architecture Students 2017

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