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Ghost in the machine

The driving force for my design is to “revolutionise” the contested space of Belfast.It is widely understood that people are a product of their environment and that in order to change the behaviour of a population, the city must first change. My proposed building, located in central Belfast’s Blackstaff Square, will accommodate a school of architecture at the forefront of a physical evolution of the city.

The manifesto of my proposed school will be to educate students on how to design utopian architecture, whilst at the same time considering form, the individual, the collective and the city.  The syllabus of the school will incorporate the teaching of architecture, surrealism, psychology and sociology. Students will be encouraged to produce utopian architectural propositions as a means of resolving the issues of a contested city.

The ‘Belfast School of Utopian Architecture’, houses a ground floor gallery space for public interaction and exhibition, with tutorial studio spaces on the second and third floors.  The third floor also houses an exhibition space for student work, whilst the fourth floor houses a lecture and presentation space.  Connecting the floors, an organic volume contains private and intimate studio study spaces.


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Architecture Students 2017

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