The Animose

The cityscape and infrastructure of Belfast have been shaped by one sided planning regimes that aimed to create segregation through infrastructure agendas, based purely on political stances rather than consideration for the inhabitants, and blanket implementation of construction schemes rather than specific contextual examination. This has caused the isolation of areas within the city and inevitably their dilapidation. As it has been this way for so long, the inhabitants have lost hope that it can be improved. The city council is now regaining power and the key to improving this city is through public demand for it to change.

This project is an amalgamation of the research conducted by Forum for Alternative Belfast and the implementation of Public Works. It aims to create a building that operates as a tool, which can be used to change public opinion by giving them the hope that the city can change through the realisation that they can change it. While also teaching them the techniques to visualise their ideals for the fabric of the city they inhabit. Through the use of workshops, lectures, exhibitions and an augmented reality design experience, the project strengthen community groups within the city. It gives them the ability to develop their own communities within Belfast. Through recording the projects that people participate in and how they chose to change their city, developers and architects will be able to see exactly what people want from their city by analysing trends within the representation of various idealised Belfast.


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Architecture Students 2017

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