In Search of Elemental Belfast

My proposal for Belfast consists of four pavilions, designed around each of the four elements; water, earth, fire and air, that will create and harbor experiential moments. Each pavilion would be situated in one of four of Belfast’s historic quarters as a means to encourage exploration of the city and attempt to overcome Belfast’s division. By appealing to the occupant’s senses, my design establishes a deep connection between the user and the city on an innate level. Each pavilion follows a similar geometry externally but possesses a separate experience from each other, emphasizing the local whilst still a collective.

The pavilions are spread throughout the Belfast area, Lanark way, Titanic docks, Donegal Street and Blackstaff Square, creating an informal journey encouraging the user to explore the surrounding city in the process of experiencing the different pavilions. Lanark way near Shankill Road draws elements from the annual towering bonfires that take place on the site to embody fire. The pavilion situated near the Titanic Docks centers on water and the industries that dominated the area; Writers Square near the Cathedral Quarter on Donegall Street embodies air while Blackstaff Square is grounded in earth. By creating places for people to dwell and experience, emphasizing the positive aspects of Belfast, my project aims to reconnect and remind the divided that individually we are all made from the same common elements.

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Architecture Students 2017

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