The Point Cloud

An unfiltered immersive news network

The rise of fake news, and the manipulation of news by foreign nations have been cited as contributing to the success of political campaigns such as of the UK vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trumps ascension to power in the USA.

The need for honest truthful media is therefore imperative to the continued functioning of a democratic society.

The ‘The Point Cloud’ offers new forms of news consumption; through VR and immersive technologies. These new technologies provide unprecedented insight into events by virtually transporting you there, allowing you to simulate experiencing them first hand, and the emotions which accompany them, in turn hopefully returning empathy and positive action to these events.

The unfiltered ‘raw’ presentation of events as they happened is the cornerstone of unbiased news. Emphasis is given to the news as the most important factor, not the ability to drive sales and advertising.

The design literally translates the theme of transparency of the media, into the envelope of the building which is made of clear acrylic rods, these are lit with LEDs allowing the façade to become a canvas for displaying news, or an optical illusion where it recreates the appearance of the existing building which it replaces, blending in with the surroundings.

The building forms an experiential space in the centre of Blackstaff square which aims to illicit interaction from the passing public by placing it in their path, using a mechanically produced smoke onto which the news is projected, creating a large-scale hologram. As well as the public being encouraged to enter the building and become a part of the journalistic process by testing news content, which is then displayed on the wider news network.

The news network extends out of the city and into rural Northern Ireland through a selection of modified pieces of outdated infrastructure; the bus stop, the phone box, and the post box. Re-appropriating them to include VR headsets in the phone booths, a 270° video projection in the bus stop, and a thermal printer in the post box offering hard copies of the latest news stories, enabling rural communities not well catered for by modern communications infrastructure to become well informed about news and events.



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