Samson and Golliath

My project explores history and myths of the Delorean a small sports car company. Production was based in Belfast from 1980-82. Just 9000 Delorean DMC-12’s were produced. The Delorean dream ended at the hands of the founder John Delorean, who attempted to sell 1.25 million pounds worth of cocaine. Despite the DMC-12 has become an icon.

My proposed building will function to both bring the DMC-12 back the production and also act as a museum and film studio. Belfast’s historic industry is directly referenced in the structural function of my building; The iconic Samson and Goliath dockland cranes will be the mechanism holding my building above the ground; the habitual spaces of my structure will be largely hung from these cranes like a suspension. While the exterior will be a steel and glass construction in a diagrid formation. The interior of my building will be divided between museum and the shared car production and film making facility.

The building will provide both employment and tourism opportunities. The top floor will be a restaurant for visitors, which sits 60 metres above the ground. The space can offer great views across Belfast’s city skyline while a showroom promotes the finished cars, both illustrating the end of the production line and the conclusion of the journey through the building.


belfast-blender-23-may Anton-1 anton3

Architecture Students 2017

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