The Children of Belfast

The project began with an adaptation of an old Irish Legend called the Children of Lir, where perched on the edge of a lake, a loving and caring father sits and awaits anxiously for the capture of his four children whom have been turned into swans by their jealous and wicked step mum. Through a complexity of movements within the swans conserved habitat, he patiently waits and monitors individual birds and the fluidity of their natural aerodynamics in the hope that one day he will find his four lost children. Unbeknown to him, his wife in her jealous rage continues to secretly control and manipulate his ability to locate his children.  She interferes by distorting and fragmenting his equipment to disrupt his search and eventual reunion with his children.

The structure floats above the surface, neither in the sky, nor on the ground it acts as an intermediary within Belfast. It is constricted and controlled; it’s pure intentions to be open and free. It is held tight in paternal suspension, captured by pull of maternal tension formed from the fluidity of flight, contained by the distorted interplay between husband and wife.

Historical and current borders, barriers and divides are destroyed and replenished with nature, growth and learning.  Existing wildlife in Ireland is encouraged to migrate into the centre of Belfast creating a bio diverse environment. Interactive play is encouraged for children and adults in the community to promote positive development for families to grow together as a community to become a whole of individual fragments





Architecture Students 2017

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